Sunday, June 26

Sunday Not-So-Random Ten, Voices In My Head Edition.

Since I sort of missed the boat for a Friday Random Ten for last week, here's a brief synopsis of the songs that have been running through my head at various points in the past week or so, burrowing into my brain and playing over and over again, an almost non-stop cerebral DJ rotation from hell:

1. Underworld, "Jumbo"
2. Del tha Funkee Homosapien, "Fake as Fuck"
3. Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, "El Matador"
4. Dead Kennedys, "Soup is Good Food"
5. The English Beat, "Mirror in the Bathroom"
6. Rage Against the Machine, "Testify"
7. The Clash, "Rudie Can't Fail"
8. U2, "11 O'Clock Tick Tock"
9. Gorillaz, "Rock the House"
10. Edd Kalehoff, "'The Price is Right' Theme"

Now it's time for you, the readers, to share the song(s) that have recently assumed a death grip on your minds and refused to let go. Commenter who submits the most annoying tune gets . . . well, my sympathy, I guess.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Saturday I had the MST3K "Pants" song from Hercules stuck in my head.

'what prevents a buffalo shot?'



What do you think, sirs?

ACG said...

The Charmin Ultra song.

"When we say less is more / less is more / It's more absorbant than the regular rippled brand for sure / What you used to love, now you're gonna adore..."

If the tune itself doesn't make you reach for the Drano, just count the number of syllables they crammed into the third line. Shudder.

crusher said...

After the Charmin one, it doesn't seem so bad that I've had Billy Idol "Rebel Yell" stuck in my head since Tuesday.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

yep. 'Pants' is a piece of pie compared to Charmin.

you win.

But now I've got
'Rebel Yell' stuck in my head.

jOoLz said...

ahh... the grosse pointe blank soundtrack, vol. 1.

i like singing el matador at the top of my lungs when i'm driving around the more fascist parts of orange county. las chiquitas blancas aren't sposed to speak spanish apparently.

does liking to fuck around with the bush pioneers in newport beach make me immature?