Tuesday, October 24

Blogpoll ballot #9: In which absolutely nothing happens.

After several weeks of big games and headline-making plays, this past weekend featured . . . well, not a whole lot actually, other than all of two top-25 matchups and a record-breaking comeback by Michigan State that we'll have all forgotten about by January. Accordingly, the Blogpoll ballot doesn't feature all that much upheaval, though Clemson does get a nice bump up and a couple high-profile teams got knocked down a peg or two after closer-than-they-should've-been wins. Honestly, all I'm doing at this point is sitting around waiting for a reason to put Vanderbilt on here.

Games watched: Georgia-Mississippi State, Clemson-Georgia Tech, parts of Tennessee-Alabama.

1. Ohio State (last week: 1)

2. Michigan (2)

3. Texas (4)
I briefly thought about moving USC up above Texas since the Trojans handled Nebraska easily while the Longhorns struggled, but . . . nah.

4. Southern Cal (5)

5. Arkansas (7)

6. Auburn (8)

7. Florida (9)
Of course, if one of their cheerleaders gets named SI.com's Cheerleader of the Week, ratchet this number right back down.

8. Clemson (12)
Incredible win against Georgia Tech. They ran over the Yellow Jacket defense like they weren't even there. That loss to Boston College isn't going away, though. I think there's an excellent chance Clemson would win handily if they played that game again, but . . . they're not gonna, so BC is still the Atlantic Division leader until they screw up.

9. Tennessee (3)
Why couldn't Erik Ainge have done that two weeks earlier?

10. California (6)

11. West Virginia (11)

12. Notre Dame (13)

13. Louisville (10)
A second straight unimpressive win against a team they should?ve manhandled. How is it that they were better before Brohm came back?

14. LSU (14)

15. Boise State (15)

16. Wisconsin (19)

17. Oklahoma (18)

18. Rutgers (20)
Heaven knows I hate to make rash overgeneralizations on this blog, but if you don?t want to see the Scarlet Knights in a BCS bowl, you are a horrible person.

19. Boston College (22)

20. Georgia Tech (17)

21. Oregon (16)

22. Wake Forest (21)

23. Missouri (NR/26)

24. Nebraska (23)

25. Virginia Tech (NR/28)

The next five: Alabama, Penn State, Texas A&M, Iowa, Brigham Young.

Dropped out: Iowa (24), Texas A&M (25).


Anonymous said...

You wish Ainge in Orange had thrown interceptions in the first half then came back to win the game 2 weeks ago?

He did.

Anonymous said...

Georgia and Virginia have something in common- they may have just won their last game of the season.-

Guess who