Tuesday, October 3

Blogpoll ballot #6: Baby did a bad bad thing.

For the first time, I have Georgia Tech ranked above Georgia . . . and that's really all I can say about that.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a tall building to go throw myself off of.

Games watched, listened to, or otherwise consumed: Auburn-South Carolina, Tennessee-Memphis, Florida-Alabama, UAB-Troy, Georgia-Ole Miss, bits of Notre Dame-Purdue.

1. Ohio State (last week: 1)

2. Auburn (2)

3. LSU (4)

4. Michigan (5)
Of the undefeated teams currently jockeying for position under Ohio State, Michigan might actually have the most impressive body of work so far. Not sure they'd beat either of the SEC West titans directly above them, but they do get bumped up above USC.

5. Southern California (3)
Auburn actually put Washington State away; USC had to survive them. Apparently the coaches did not take any notice of this, however, as they still had the Trojans ranked above the Tigers as of Sunday afternoon.

6. Texas (6)

7. Florida (7)

8. Louisville (8)

9. West Virginia (9)

10. Clemson (15)
They are quite good . . . to the point where the Clemson-Georgia Tech game on October 21 could be a preview of the ACC championship. And no, I can't believe I just wrote that.

11. Tennessee (11)

12. Oregon (12)

13. Oklahoma (13)

14. California (14)

15. Notre Dame (16)
I honestly thought the Purdue game was going to turn into one of those last-person-to-score-wins kind of games. I've ridden the Irish pretty hard for shoddy performances the last couple weeks, but they deserve credit for not allowing that to happen (though needing a miracle comeback against Michigan State now looks even worse than it did a week ago).

16. Georgia Tech (23)
Ugh, I hate putting them this high, but I gotta give credit where credit is due.

17. Boise State (20)

18. Iowa (17)
I should probably drop the Hawkeyes a lot more for that loss to Ohio State, but OSU is the number-one team in the land, and I still think Iowa would beat any of the teams ranked below them.

19. Virginia Tech (10)
From a 44-point win to an 11-point loss: That's a 55-point swing, guys. I don't think you can blame Marcus Vick for all of those.

20. Georgia (19)
Kinda feel like I should drop them even more for that performance against Ole Miss, but everything's going to turn around when Tereshinski comes back. You just wait.

21. Texas Tech (22)

22. Nebraska (21)

23. Florida State (24)

24. Missouri (NR/26)

25. Boston College (25)

The next five: Penn State, Rutgers, Wake Forest, Alabama, Texas Christian.

Dropped out: Texas Christian (18).

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