Thursday, June 29

Two shout-outs for C-town.

Most of the time, when my hometown of Columbus, Georgia, gets any attention, it seems like it's for stuff like, oh, unscrupulous mental-health facilities farming its patients out to work security at football games or something embarrassing like that. So when I get an opportunity to mention my hometown in something other than a "No, seriously, I haven't lived there in nearly four years" context, well, I'm gonna milk that sucker.

So I'm adding to the blogroll two fellow ex-Columbusites who are not only fellow C-towners but also fellow Hardaway High School graduates. The first is the adorable Erica, whose equally adorable family can be viewed at Ruthy Girls; the second, even though he hasn't updated in a while, is John Pezold at The Pezold Homestead, who gets a long-overdue link for linking to the Simpsons thing from a while back.

See, C-town isn't all that bad. We're not all crazy. Not completely.


Jmac said...

Doug ... when did you graduate from Hardaway?

I remember you guys had a ridiculously good baseball team which beat up my Westside-Augusta team 22-0 in a deciding Game Three of the Class AAA semifinals back in 1996 ... a game called after five innings.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

I graduated in 1995, and we did have a good baseball team then . . . if I remember correctly it was one of our few sports programs that accomplished a whole lot.