Friday, June 2

Friday Random Ten, but first, a plea for help.

Old Navy achieved something highly noteworthy in the past month -- they made a TV ad I actually enjoy watching, as opposed to one that makes me want to heave my TV off the balcony and watch it shatter into a million pieces three stories below. It's the "Madras" ad (viewable hyah), and the reason for its watchability, of course, is the winsome blonde in the picture at right. But my question is: Who the hell is that girl, anyway? What have I seen her in?

And if you can answer that one, here's your next challenge: Who was the girl who played the French ice skater in the Coca-Cola "mon coeur" spot from the 2002 Winter Olympics?

Anyway. While y'all research that, here's the Ten --

1. Thievery Corporation, "Lebanese Blonde"
2. Underworld, "Second Hand"
3. Dave Attell, "Parrot"
4. Eric B. & Rakim, "Extended Beat"
5. U2, "Red Hill Mining Town"
6. U2, "Ultraviolet (Light My Way)"
7. Beck, "Dead Wild Cat"
8. Miles Davis, "Solea"
9. Cex, "Signal Katied"
10. Dave Attell, "Dick Jokes"

Put your own Ten and/or answers to life's pressing questions in the comments.


Josh M. said...

Never seen her before.

That said, the best Old Navy commercial is the one starring Sawyer from "Lost" (otherwise known as UGA's own Josh Holloway).

Anonymous said...

Molly Sims, I think

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

They do look alike, but I think the girl in the commercial is too young to be Molly Sims. Not that Sims isn't smoking, though.

Anonymous said...

I tink it's Autumn Armstrong.

Josh M. said...

Yep, that's her. According to IMDB, you haven't seen her in anything.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

Nope, just my dreams. Excellent detective work, duck.

Anonymous said...

Confirmed. It is Autumn Armstrong. She has been a top fashion model for many years. Covers of magazines and ads. Great girl. Wish we had 20 more of her.