Friday, March 17

Friday Random Ten, March Madness Edition.

The Official Hey Jenny Slater Big Ass Bracket competition is underway, and Yours Truly is rocking the hizzy, currently in a five-way logjam at second place. I hit the first six games that were played to kick off the tourney yesterday afternoon, not losing one until Alabama found a way to pull it out against Marquette.

As for the office pool that I'm running -- no wait, I'm sorry, the office dicussion that I'm moderating (five-dollar admission to join the discussion) -- y'all might as well have just written personal checks made out to me. For realz. Final Four: Duke, Kansas, BC, and the 2006 champion . . . Illinois. I'm crazy? Oh, we'll see. We'll just see.

Blah blah, anyway, the Ten:

1. Bell Biv Devoe, "Word to the Mutha"
2. Public Enemy, "War at 33 1/3"
3. Miles Davis, "Moon Dreams"
4. Love Jones, "Paid for Loving"
5. Roxy Music, "More Than This"
6. Röyksopp, "A Higher Place"
7. Public Enemy, "Revolutionary Generation"
8. Janet Jackson, "Come Back to Me"
9. Pet Shop Boys, "West End Girls" (Sasha remix)
10. Morrissey, "I Have Forgiven Jesus"

The fact that after 15 years, I still have BBD and Janet Jackson in my music collection (and on my iPod) is either cute and quirky, or it's even more embarrassing than the fact that I picked Illinois to win the tournament (and I don't think I want to know which). Instead of hashing that out, why don't you put your own Ten (and your picks for tournament sleepers, bombs, etc.) in the comments below . . .


Black Charles said...

Dude, having Janet on the iPod is not all bad-- I mean, "If" is one serious fucking jam. I still rock out to that on a regular basis. And I love the Royksopp selection.
As for the tourney.... this is the first year in like 15 years where I haven't involved myself in a pool of some sort, and I'm sorta depressed about that. And since my Syracuse boys lost last night, I'm hitching my wagons to the Gators out of allegiance to my girlfriend, a UF grad (I know, I know-- support for the Gators is tantamount to blasphemy around these parts, I know).

Anonymous said...

Ten songs I'm rocking the shit out of right now:

1.The Legendary K.O.....George Bush Doesn't Like Black People
2.Miranda Lambert.....Kerosene
3.Kelly Clarkson....Since U've Been Gone
5.LCD Soundsystem....Tribulations
6.Gnarles Barkley....Crazy
7.Skid Row...I Remember You
8.Johnny Cash.....Ring of Fire
9.Loretta Lynn...Portland, Ore.
10.Arcade Fire....Wake Up!

Final Four....Texas, Arkansas, UCONN, Ohio State