Thursday, January 5

I love the smell of self-promotion in the morning.

It smells like . . . victory:

And with that, I'm done with football until the Redskins take the field this weekend, except to say this: Texas, 44-38. You heard it here first.

Close enough. For all you punters who gambled and won big thanks to this sage advice, no thanks necessary, just e-mail me here and I'll let you know where to send the check.

Speaking of checks, though, the real winner here is Vince Young, who not only just earned himself top-three draft status and an eight-figure contract, but is also certain to be hip-deep in hot and cold running poontang the second he gets off the plane in Austin.

Good show all around, 'Horns. Hook 'em.

ADDED: One Gator fan's take on how The Onion would cover the Rose Bowl upset, and it's funny enough to get me to actually like Florida people. For the next couple days, anyway.


Anonymous said...

I stayed up to watch the game, but when USC pulled so far ahead with 6:42 left, I. Went. To. Bed. I could cry. I was awakened at 1:15 by my friend Steve (from Dallas) texting me a very drunk "woo-hoo hook'em horns!". The silver lining in having missed the end to such a great game is the superbly karmic comeuppance for USC.

Jeff (no, the other one) said...

I turned off the big TV in the den. Figured the 'Horns were done after the big screen pass-with-tacked-on-roughing-Leinart penalty.

Went to bed; but then turned on the game in there, determined to see it through, painful or not, and quietly as possible so as not to wake the wife, laughed my ass off at USC.

Kudos to Doug for the score prediction.

Anonymous said...

oh honey! i can download the whole game for my ipod, just $1.99, hells-yeah! i heart you, apple.

Anonymous said...

okay, not the WHOLE game.