Sunday, January 1

The first 10 songs that came up on my iPod in 2006. (After U2's "New Year's Day," of course.)

This is important, because my mom always used to tell me that whatever you're doing on New Year's sets the tone for what you'll be doing the entire year.

1. Dick Dale and the Del-Tones, "Misirlou"
2. Avenue Q cast, "Purpose"
3. Underworld, "King of Snake" (Barking mix)
4. Average White Band, "Pick Up the Pieces"
5. U2, "Sunday Bloody Sunday"
6. Morrissey, "You Know I Couldn't Last"
7. Enigma, "Return to Innocence"
8. Fatboy Slim, "Everybody Needs a 303"
9. Thievery Corporation, "2001 Spliff Odyssey"
10. Madonna, "Like a Prayer"


Black Charles said...

So according to your mom, I'm gonna spend the next year getting retartedly drunk and passing out way too early and in comprimising situations?
Come to think of it, your Mom is absolutely right.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

I can only hope so -- it means I'll be spending '06 eating chocolate mousse and drinking champagne with hot blondes. Of course, by her logic I should've spent 2000 having gay hustlers expose themselves to me on Penn Avenue in Midtown Atlanta, and thankfully it didn't turn out that way.