Friday, January 20

Friday Random Ten, I'm Not Dead Yet Edition.

My apologies if I've given every impression of falling off the face of the earth since leaving for my trip up to D.C. last weekend. I've been here in Birmingham this week, safe and sound, but spending an inordinate amount of time trying to reconstruct my bigger-than-I-thought music library on my computer. Apparently when I was transferring all my .mp3s over from the old laptop to the new one, a bunch of them went overboard in the process, so I've been spending the last few days trying to recover them if possible or re-rip them from CDs if I've still got them.

This was time-consuming but mostly successful, and I'm down to about 100 or so tracks that I'm thinking have pretty much been lost to the ether. Just about all of it is stuff I previously purchased on the Apple Music Store, too, and I'd just as soon not have to re-blow another $100 on .mp3s I already purchased a while back. So here's my question for the day: Can you e-mail an .mp3? This is an obvious enough question that the answer is either "No, you actually can't" or "Yes, what are you, a complete 'tard?", so I know there's a 50% chance I'm leaving myself open for some real denigration here. But I figure it's worth it if I can just get people out there to e-mail me these things if they've got them.

My plan is this: If it turns out I am a 'tard and duh, yes, you can e-mail .mp3s, I'll post a list of the ones I'm still missing up here in the next couple days, and then both all of you loyal readers with musical taste as bad as mine can throw me .mp3s of that crap if you've got it somewhere in your collection and you're feeling unnecessarily generous. Anyway, somebody hook a brother up with an answer to the e-mail question in the comments, and we'll go from there.

With that, here's the Random Ten as spit forth by my iPod. As opposed to my computer, and this is significant, because all the songs I have, even the "missing" ones, are sitting there in my iPod and in a perfect world I'd just be able to copy them off of there onto my computer. But did you know that once you put a song on an iPod, the only way to get it off there is to delete it entirely? As in, you can't copy it off of there and back onto, say, a new computer or something like that? Which I guess makes sense from Apple's perspective, because otherwise you could just have iPod owners around the country swapping iPods like wives at a 1970s key party and loading up on each other's music libraries, and then there'd be no need for people to blow money at the Apple Music Store at the rate of $0.99 a throw, but still, suck! (Yes, I know, I'm the last person on the planet to have figured out this dirty little non-secret of the iPod/iTunes system, but remember, I'm the guy who doesn't even know whether you can e-mail a freaking .mp3, for crying out loud, so don't go overestimating my intelligence just because I found an acorn with that Simpsons thing a couple months ago.)

Anyway. Rant over. Fo' really. The Ten:

1. Pet Shop Boys, "If Love Were All"
2. Afro Man, "She Won't Let Me Fuck"
3. Modern English, "Melt With You"
4. Johnny Cash, "Nobody"
5. Bowery Electric, "Coming Down"
6. Happy Mondays, "Lazyitis"
7. The Fugees, "The Score"
8. Pet Shop Boys, "One and One Make Five"
9. The Chemical Brothers, "Marvo Ging"
10. Dead Kennedys, "Let's Lynch the Landlord"

Don't forget to somebody throw me an answer to the .mp3-e-mailing question in the comments . . . and, of course, drop your own Ten in there if the spirit moves you.


Anonymous said...

in thory, yes, but .mp3 files are pretty big (a meg per minute, usually), so depending on your ISP, it might [a]take forever to attach or [b] be too big to send

Michael said...

You can e-mail mp3's. You can also file transfer them via an instant messaging program.

There is a way to take songs off, and save them, from an iPod. You just can't do it with iTunes.

The program is called ephPod. I haven't used it, but I found it via netscape/cnn, so it is a semi-well known program, not something completely backwoods.

Only thing is, ephPod will only work for windows or linux. If you are a mac user, you have to use iTunes.

Black Charles said...

If you've got Gmail or some other email service with lots of space, you can email an mp3. You could also go the YouSendIt route, where someone like me could send you the file through YouSendIt, you'd get the email, click on the link, and download the song from a page. You may notice that alot of blogs who don't have bandwidth (or knowledge, like me) to post up their own mp3s use this to post up the new hotness.
Just some suggestions. So I'd say throw that list up there and see if you get lucky.
Or you could just Soulseek it and download them yourself.

Kanu said...


Bottom line is this: If you have DSL or Broadband, then you'll be fine with emailing MP3s, if you have dial up then don't because it will take forever and 3 days (that goes for the sender as well as you).

1. Goodie Mob, "Thought Process", from Goodie Mob
2. Massive Attack, "Angel", from Mezzanine
3. Mos Def,"Do It Now", from Black On Both Sides
4. Ice Cube, "D'voidofpopniggamegamix" , from Bootlegs & B-Sides
5. Pearl Jam, "Why Go [Live]", from Pearl Jam Import CD
6. Big Boi, "Flip Flop Rock" (feat. Jay-Z), from SpeakerBoxxx
7. Tupac, "Lil' Homies", from Until The End Of Time
8. Tupac, "No More Pain", from All Eyez on Me (Book 1)
9. Daniel Lanois, Slow Giving", from Shine
10. Cesaria Evora, "Perseguida", from Cafe Atlantico

Anonymous said...

You're aware of this by now, but YES, you can email mp3s. Hopefully some readers will come through for you. More importantly, though, THANK GOD YOU'RE BACK!! I was starting to get worried.

The Drizzle said...

Well, you now already know you can email mp3's or transfer them through IM or something like that. And to expound on the thoughts of removing songs from your iPod to a computer, it's possible without any other program on a Windows machine.

You just have to change your settings to show hidden files then go into your iPod which should be like a removable device E drive sort of listing when you go to my computer, once you're in there you can go into iPod control I think it is and the songs are in subdirecties in there, copy and pastable to your hard drive, then importable to iTunes or wherever else. And yes, programs like the one listed and others tend to automate that for you, but somehow I felt cooler for sussing it out on my own.

Anonymous said...

You can totally email an MP3 file to someone. You can also send file to someone through an IM. You can also upload a file somewhere (like to and send someone the link to download it. *nod*

Or yeah, just get a copy of Soulseek. ;)