Saturday, April 23

Death Is Not an Option, NFL draft edition.

· Ryan Leaf or Cade McNown?

· Britney Spears as your mom or Paris Hilton as your mom?

· Pope Benedict XVI or Emperor Palpatine?

· Rashaan Salaam or Ricky Williams?

· Oooh, a three-way! Fake liberal Joe Lieberman, fake conservative George W. Bush, or fake libertarian Neal Boortz?

· Delicate flower Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, or delicate flower John Hinderaker of Power Line?

· Lawrence Phillips or Barrett Robbins?

· Lawrence Phillips or John Bolton?

· John Bolton or Michael Bolton?


Anonymous said...

I swear to fucking god, if that fucking irresponsible, bulemic, coke-addled WHORE Paris Hilton gets pregnant, and carries to term, when I've struggled so fucking long to get pregnant & not miscarry and have a fucking healthy kid, I'm gonna fucking lose it.

Michael said...

This post made me realize something.

All Bears high round draft picks tend to be REALLY bad.