Wednesday, April 13

Death is not an option, Big Babies edition.

I'm going down to Fun-gomery this evening for some Democratic Party event (which means I'm having to miss this -- dammit!), so chew on these pressing issues while I'm gone:

· Britney Spears as your mom or Madonna as your mom?

· Britney Spears as your mom, or Kevin Federline as your dad?

· The Minutemen or the Terri Schiavo protestors?

· Tom DeLay or Chris from "The Apprentice"?

· Being attacked by the U.S. government your treatment of prisoners, or being defended by Rick Santorum?

· Being a shopping-mall prostitute, or being President Bush's personal iPod filler?


Michael said...

I'd skip the Democratic party thing for that.

Ron Jeremy is my idol though.

Cassie Schoon said...

When you say death is not an option, you only mean my death, right? So, I would be within rights to go all Menendez bros. on either choice for a parent? When you think of it that way, it's hard to choose which one I'd rather vaporize, between our volunteer border patrol or the media-whoring prayer party that was the Schiavo protest.

Anonymous said...

Madonna. Shes flaky and a bad singer but no one ever said she was stupid.

To be aborted.

Schiavo - theyre too cowardly to kill you to your face for making fun of them.

Chris - hes a pussy.

Denying my citizenship three times before the cock crows.

prostitue, definatly.