Monday, April 25

Your weekend sports update.

So there was a draft this weekend (which explains why George W. Bush has been nowhere to be found since Friday -- thank you, I'll be here all evening!), and two Bulldogs got taken in the first round, another two in the second round, and a couple more in the third and fourth rounds for a total of six. What's especially gratifying is that the Cincinnati Bengals are no longer the black hole they used to be now that Marvin Lewis is the head coach, so when David Pollack and Odell Thurman both got taken by Cincy, there was reason for rejoicing as opposed to sighing and mumbling, "Oh, well, nobody's ever gonna hear from them again."

Meanwhile, UAB now has bragging rights for its first first-round draft pick ever now that wideout Roddy White, maybe the best deep threat in the entire draft, is headed to Atlanta. So another reason to root for the Falcons, then. As for my team, the Redskins: Don't know why they were so obsessed with Auburn in the first round, but hey, if Joe Gibbs says it's a good idea, then I trust him.

Meanwhile, Tennessee only had three players drafted out of 10 eligible (and one of the draftees was their punter); one of the undrafted players was Jason Respert, whom Georgia had recruited five years ago before he was accused of sneaking into a girl's apartment and groping her on a recruiting visit to Florida. So, heh. And Georgia Tech? Not a single player drafted. Awwww. Too bad.

And of course we would be remiss if we did not mention that the Georgia gymnastics team, who won the SEC championship a few weeks ago, won the national title in Auburn on Friday (thanks to fellow Georgia alum DAve for the early tip).

So now I guess it's baseball baseball baseball -- at least until September 3.


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