Friday, April 22

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Not much needs to be added to TBOGG's assessment of the Capitol Hill Repubs' latest cannibalism, as he looks at National Review's chastising of twice-Purple-Hearted Vietnam vet Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) for not rubber-stamping the nomination of John Bolton for UN ambassador . . .

Sen. Chuck Hagel (R., Furrowed Brow) pronounces himself troubled by the allegations. But he supported John McCain for president in 2000 ? since when is a docile temperament his test of whether someone can be an important public servant? Hagel is a fairly reliable conservative vote on routine matters. It's just when the chips are down that you can't count on him.

. . . and arrives at this conclusion:

John Kerry. Max Cleland. John McCain. Now Chuck Hagel. It seems the only person that they like in government who had anything to do with Viet Nam is the one who went AWOL.

I think there is a lesson here....

Word 'em up. Of course, anyone who thought the right wing actually gave a rat's ass about the soldiers who risk their lives for this country probably should have been slapped silly long before now.

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