Wednesday, April 6

Wednesday Random Three, Soy Un Perdidor Edition.

They say that right after a breakup, all the songs you hear take on a different and much deeper meaning. But I think that could go for pretty much any shitty, unsatisfying day. Here are the three songs my shuffling iPod played between my office and my apartment as I walked home this afternoon:

1. Mo' Horizons, "Hit The Road Jack." Oh, don't worry, I'm going.
2. Public Enemy, "Can't Do Nuttin For Ya Man." After all those albums of yours I bought? Some friend you are, Flav.
3. Beck, "Loser." Ahh, yes. I'm going to have them play this song at my funeral.
4. Dead Kennedys, "People Who Put The Boot On My Car Fuck Off (And Get Syphilis)." OK, the Dead Kennedys didn't really record that song 'cause it doesn't exist. But I've jotted down a few of the lyrics and I really think Jello Biafra needs to be the one to sing it.

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zombie rotten mcdonald said...

here's the man's e-mail:

send the puppy off to him, he'll probably record it.