Saturday, April 2

April fool . . . or actual fool?

I realize I may have pissed off some people with the Ukraine post yesterday, and I really do apologize -- and since it's no longer April 1, you can rest assured that apology is sincere. But my April Fool was pretty tame compared to some of the crap people have pulled in the past -- not to mention some of the other stuff that made its way around the blogosphere yesterday.

As always, though, the truth is stranger than fiction, and for that reason we've decided to implement a new game called April Fool . . . or Actual Fool? See if you can figure out, without clicking on the links below, which of the following news stories are real and which ones are figments of someone's frighteningly active imagination. Then go ahead and follow the links to see if you were right. It's fun and (mostly) harmless . . .

1. Orange County Woman Calls Sheriff to Report Botched Fast-Food Order
2. Hannity Nominated for Nobel Prize
3. Missouri Senator Blames Clinton for Bad Intel on Iraq WMDs
4. Clinton Still Under Investigation -- At $2M Per Year
5. Negro Space Program Finally Gets Its Due in New Documentary
6. Patrick Buchanan Unhurt in Salad-Dressing Assault
7. Gibson, Scalia on Shortlist to Replace Pope?
8. DeLay a Democratic Plant, Conservative Web Site Alleges
9. Schiavo Receives More Press Coverage Than WMD Commission Report, Iraq Bombing
10. Big Ten to Change Name to 'Big Conference'

Speculate away!

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