Tuesday, April 5

North Carolina 75, Illinois 70, Doug Gillett $80.

As much as it hurt to cheer for North Carolina in the NCAA Tournament final last night, cheer my opportunistic little ass off I did, and now have four crisp new $20 bills to show for it courtesy of the folks in my tournament pool. Yep, I won the whole shebangabang, which makes this about the first time I won, well, anything of a monetary nature. Based on my delicious expertise in picking this year's tournament field, I'll shortly be faxing a cover letter to ESPN suggesting that they put me in place of those other schlubs they currently call analysts, who clearly don't know squat.

Now, dear readers, what shall I do with my ill-gotten gains? Save it (boring)? Place a last-minute bet on Baylor in tonight's women's tournament final? Buy two whole tanks of gas? Convert it into singles and slowly fritter it away into the undies of one of our friendly local exotic dancers? The sky, as they say, is the limit.


Anonymous said...

report it to your friends at the IRS and maybe the local cops

or is there legal betting in Alabama

Josh M. said...

The humor of the "Is Doug gay?" question ran out of gas around your sophomore year. However, I will be first in line to revive it should you place a bet on a women's basketball game.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

Let the record show, though, that if I had let the whole thing ride on Baylor like I talked about doing, I'd have another eighty bucks in my pocket right now.

Josh M. said...

And no soul.