Friday, April 15

Finally I do something newsworthy besides getting in trouble.

Well, not me personally, but me and the other Clark folks who went on the big trip to Little Rock this past weekend. Here's a tidbit from the "Washington Whispers" section of U.S. News:

Seems friends of retired general and 2004 presidential candidate Wesley Clark are still after him to run. During the Association of State Democratic Chairs' meeting last week in Little Rock, Ark., Clark hosted a group from the Alabama Democratic Party for dinner at the city's political hub?Doe's. The group, reports our Suzi Parker, included the state director of the Alabama party and about 15 grass-roots folks who traveled from Alabama to meet Clark. The group believes Clark is the only hope the party has to win southern states. They strongly encouraged Clark to run in 2008. Clark's answer? The same as before: He isn't ruling out a run for president in 2008. Some Arkansas Democrats who also attended the meeting offered to form an alliance with the Alabama party to help their efforts and promote Clark in the South.

A little clarification is in order -- though we were there the same weekend as the ASDC meeting, we weren't there as part of an official Alabama Democratic Party contingent, though one of the people in our group was a high-level state party official. And it was actually 27 people, not 15.

But one thing is dead-on -- we're still promoting Clark in the South, and if he does make the official decision to run in '08, we're gonna work our asses off for him.


Josh M. said...

Do you still believe Hillary isn't running, despite her wicked-shaaap turn to the center in recent months?

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

Name me a Democrat that hasn't made a point of moving toward the center recently. I still don't think she's ultimately going to run -- she may allude to it a few times between now and the '08 primaries, but I don't think she's going to end up pulling the trigger.

Anonymous said...

Great job Doug! Personally I still think HC might run. But even if she does run and inevitably take support from Wes, she's pretty well known to be the Repuke's dream opponent.

Unknown said...

When he declares, say the word. I've already told the wife I'm using my ill-gotten skills of propaganda in the general's service if he jumps.