Tuesday, April 19

I've got Schoenborn over Tettamanzi in the finals, baby.

Herewith is the bracket for Papal Conclave '05 (click to see it full-size). Posted by Hello My apologies to anyone who finds this, as Homer Simpson would say, "sacri-licious," but even my mom, who is devoutly Catholic, thought it was funny (even the "I can't believe it's not Jesus" part). Thanks to my bestest heathen agnostic hellbound pal Brian for passing this along.

Now then. I smell another eighty bucks about to come my way . . .


Cassie Schoon said...

He he. Popapalooza.

I wrote to a friend of mine that as a heathen, I'd always figured the cardinals went into the conclave and emerged as the Mighty Morphin Power Pope.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you're out $80. ;) The fella from Germany won, as you may know by now. :)