Friday, September 11

Where the bad penny has popped up this week.

My latest attempts to sully the names of other people's perfectly good blogs:

· The first installment of Profiles in Disillusion over at Dr. Saturday's joint, in which I had to include Bulldog Nation's misery on the menu but also got some digs in at Oklahoma and Ron Zook, and presented what will hopefully be the return of one of my favorite bloggers to active duty, even if only to chronicle Al Groh's one-man show of the last 20 minutes or so of "Casino."

· Also at the Doc's place, a pre-Trobuckalypse look into Ohio State's big-game misery and why the stakes have only been raised for the Big Ten as a whole.

· And at EDSBS, my bettin' column for this week attempts to make amends for last week's awful handicapping. Let the record show that in my original draft, I took Clemson plus the five and a half in last night's game. Do I get to count that?

Also, I get noted for my post-Stillwater Dawg-pessimism in the rundown of the Week 1 BlogPoll results, and land a couple quotes in the first SEC Power Poll of 2009.

Tomorrow I'll be doing a roundtable with Paul Krugman and David Brooks on the chances that Obama's health-care bill will get passed, and if so, whether it will include the public option -- oh, wait, no, I'll be in Athens drinking myself silly. Sorry, Paul and David! We'll do it next week, I promise.

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