Friday, September 25

The Friday Random Ten+5 gives some shout-outs, then books out.

I'm kind of having to punt on the +5 this week because I have to leave for Atlanta in less than an hour and a half, so it's going to be more or less a roundup of random awesome stuff -- My Heisman Ballot Of Five Things That Have Been Awesome To Me This Week.

Green's package store on Ponce de Leon in Atlanta
Always a frequent spot to hit on the way to a Saturday of tailgating in Athens, but now virtually mandatory due to the fact that a) they keep expanding their liquor selections, b) they have a new walk-in Belgian beer cooler, and c) it takes a lot of alcohol consumption to make Georgia's defense look good.

Erin Andrews in glasses
Not a great screengrab above, but if you were watching Georgia's game against Arkansas last week then you know what I'm talking about. EA looked hot enough that all actual sexy librarians should now be referred to as sporting the "Erin Andrews at the Georgia-Arkansas game look."

Airplanes with funny paint jobs
See also: the Southwest Airlines "Shamu" planes; Western Pacific's old "Simpsons" plane; and SkyEurope's Boeing 737s with supermodels on the side. OK, that last one isn't really "funny" per se, but it still gets your attention.

The Jaguar XFR
The James Bond of cars: handsome, suave, doesn't look out of place at either a five-star restaurant or a competitive sporting event, and can straight-up murder any of its competitors without really breaking a sweat.

Hot wings at B. Merrell's in Columbus
I know I make fun of Columbus all the time, but it does have one major claim to fame: the site of the best Buffalo wings in the universe. A bold statement, I know, but B. Merrell's has ruined me for hot wings just about any place else in the world because theirs are so much better. Crispy without being breaded; sauce that's hot but not overpowering; perfectly rotisserie-cooked so that you can pack away 20 of them in barely more than the blink of an eye. Wing perfection, and I should know, because if you'd seen my gut lately you'd know that I've put away a few.

And now the Ten:

1. Thom Yorke, "Skip Divided"
2. Hall & Oates, "I Can't Go for That (No Can Do)"
3. Dr. Dre, "Let Me Ride"
4. U2, "North and South of the River"
5. KRS-One, "2nd Quarter -- Free Throws"
6. Richard Cheese, "Fight for Your Right"
7. Meat Beat Manifesto, "Let Go"
8. A Tribe Called Quest, "The Infamous Date Rape"
9. Radiohead, "Myxomatosis (Judge, Jury & Executioner)"
10. Dead Kennedys, "Stealing People's Mail"

What's been awesome to you this week? Throw that stuff (along with your Random Tens) in the comments . . . and I'm outta here.


Winfield Featherston said...

I approve of Erin Andrews wearing glasses.

NCT said...

I always preferred Ben's for my wings, but perhaps that was for the feeling of cultural adventurousness that a late-night visit carried -- especially when Ben's was temporarily closed, and you had to pick up your wings down at the sister business, Benjamin's, on the cheatin' side of town.

And I'm pretty sure that shot of Green's just missed capturing my car down the row on the right -- just playing the odds.

Ben Rockwell said...

B. Merrell's, huh? My wife is from Columbus, and she knows I love chicken wings. However, I've never been taken to this "B. Merrell's" place that you speak of. I'll have to make sure that gets fixed next time we're in Columbus...

Universal Remonster said...

Nice! Richard Cheese in the ten!

Jan said...

Love Green's.

Brandon said...

I will confirm the B. Merrell's comment as well...along with Dinglewood Scrambled Dogs, a must on any journey home.

If you haven't ventured to Buffalo's in City Center up in Vestavia a highly recommend it. Of course it's no B. Merrell's but it's the best local equivilant in the 'ham.

About the Author: said...

B. Merrell's used to do some kind of promotion at Cottonmouths games. I think they sponsored the thing where you'd throw a puck on the ice and try to get it as close to the middle as possible. Good times.