Wednesday, September 30

Week 4 BlogPoll ballot, revised.

Not a huge change here, but a commenter reminded me that Nebraska had performed pretty well on the road against what is now the #7 team on my ballot, so in they go. This also saves me from having to move Georgia into the rankings after a come-from-behind win at home over an unranked team. If they can beat LSU this weekend, they'll go into the rankings; otherwise, I'm obviously not sold on them as a top-25-caliber team.


Jordan said...

Why the love for OU and the hate for UGA?

Josh said...

I hope that adding NU does not jinx them as your adding Ball State did last year. I was a big Ball State honk and they shit the bed as soon as I wore you down enough to include them in your poll. Here's to a better outcome Husker fans!

Anonymous said...

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