Friday, September 18

The Friday Random Ten+5 defends rock, eats some F'ing good ham, and gets girl drink drunk.

Last week the Random Ten+5 traveled back through some of the greatest hits of the "Mystery Science Theatre 3000" series. The other night, a Twitter by blogger David Dayen reminded me of another late, great Comedy Central staple: "The Kids in the Hall." With all the great sketches and catchphrases that show spawned, it's hard to believe it was only on the air for five seasons, but what gloriously bizarre seasons they were. Supposedly they're in the process of filming some sort of miniseries that will air on Canadian TV early next year, followed by a showing in the U.S.; needless to say, I can hardly wait. Anyway, this week's +5 is My Five Favorite "Kids in the Hall" Sketches Of All Time:

Can't Kill Rock (season one)
The recurring character of Bobby is one that bears a striking resemblance to some kids I went to high school with, full of random rebellion and misplaced defiance. Not to mention bad haircuts.

Ham of Truth (season two)
Another one featuring Bobby, with an opening scene I can picture happening at multiple dinner tables in Columbus, Georgia, during the early 1990s. The funny thing is, I can now compliment one of my mom's meals at the dinner table as "fuckin' good" and she doesn't even bat an eye.

Feelyat! (season five)
To the best of my knowledge, this game-show parody is done entirely in Dutch. Why they decided to do that, I have no idea, but the fact that we can't understand a word anyone's saying does not detract from the humor at all; we understand as much about the rules of the game show as we probably need to know. If anything, it adds to the humor: I don't think this show would be any less surreal if it was done in English.

Gavin at the Butcher Shop (season two)
Gavin was one of my favorite recurring characters on the show, probably because I was the regular babysitter for a pair of ADHD-fueled boys pretty much throughout my high-school years (I think I was the only teenager in the neighborhood with the fortitude to take them on) and thus had an even greater appreciation than most people for how accurately Bruce McCulloch portrayed such kids.

Girl Drink Drunk (season three)
A classic. I think that if you're going to become an alcoholic, this is the way to do it.

Honorable mention: "Dr. Seuss Bible," "Daddy Drank," and, for obvious reasons, "The Terrier Song."

Ah, terriers. Now, the Ten:

1. A Certain Ratio, "The Fox"
2. Kraak and Smaak, "Cornered"
3. Pet Shop Boys, "The Man Who Has Everything" (Hypnotizer remix)
4. Orbital, "Chime" (7" single version)
5. Depeche Mode, "Death's Door" (Jazz mix)
6. The Jazz Jury, "Wake Up"
7. Radiohead, "The National Anthem"
8. Crowded House, "Pineapple Head"
9. Pet Shop Boys, "A Red Letter Day"
10. U.N.K.L.E., "Glow"

Your turn -- Random Tens and/or favorite Kids sketches (if you were a fan) in the comments.


DAve said...

Is there really any question which one is my fave?

heybaxley said...

Were you there when we were yelling "Girl Drink Drunk!" at Kevan last weekend?

Best. Ever.

MetalSteel Chair said...

"My pen. My pen. Hey - - stop him - - that guy took my Pen!"

All-time best. Also can't believe that no one has mentioned the head-crushers duel. And anything with Scott as Buddy or the Queen.

"Kids" was great. Don't know if you were a mere babe in the early80s, but SCTV was premium, premium Canuck comedy a decade earlier than the Kids. I still laugh while thinking of SCTV's Andy Griffith/Merv Griffin episode (with Eugene Levy as Floyd the Barber) and their Godfather parody (with Mr. Ed as the horse's head). Good times. Loves me some Canadian funnyfolks.