Thursday, September 3

Branching out.

I've, uh, vertically integrated myself. You know, diversified and shit.

In addition to the football-related bloviating that has already begun in earnest here, I'll also be spending this fall befouling the blogs of two other gents who should know better. At Dr. Saturday, I'll be contributing "On the Spot" every Tuesday, taking a look into the program, coach, player, or whoever that has the most at stake in the coming weekend; once the games actually start, I'll also be regaling you good folks each Monday with "Profiles in Fan Disillusion," a weekly survey of the most despondent, angst-ridden, and hilarious reactions from the fanbloggers whose teams sustained high-profile and embarrassing donkeypunches the previous Saturday.

The Wannabe Wagerer, on the other hand, will not be returning at Doc Saturday; instead I'll be inflicting my preposterously unqualified betting advice on the readers of EDSBS, where "Free Money Doug" will be ridin' dirty around the middle of each week. Picks will be rated on a risk scale of one (oddsmakers all but dumping bundles of crisp twenties in your lap) to five (the financial equivalent of Russian roulette, only with bullets in five chambers as opposed to just one). As these picks are for entertainment purposes only, I refuse to accept responsibility for any monetary losses on the part of readers, though paradoxically, I do accept tips in the event of wins.

This in addition to regular participation in the BlogPoll and the SEC Power Poll soon to get cranked up again over at Team Speed Kills. Man, if I were getting paid an hourly wage for all this stuff, I could quit looking for a job. Ahem.

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