Friday, September 11

My pledge.

Re my performance on Saturday:

I thought I had a good, a good mindset, I thought I had a good game plan -- you know, I just, I didn't start out great, but then I got some momentum going, and I got some, some drinks in me, got a nice buzz going, and then, you know, we had those turnovers that -- just stuff we never do. And, and that kind of just -- I don't know, I think that maybe took away a little, a little of my confidence, and just the momentum, and for the next few drives I wasn't drinking like a Georgia Bulldog. Um, and then we got that going, and we got some momentum, and, and kicked that long field goal in the third quarter.

Just stupid mistakes. You heard me talk after the bowl game last year about how well I did, you know, not making bad decisions about what to drink and not getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the action, and, um, and I did that this game.

You know, that's something you get used to -- you want, as a fan, that opportunity, two minutes left in the game, to be able to knock back one last drink before your team clinches the victory -- the whole, the whole time I had one-hundred-percent, um, trust and faith in my team and myself that I was gonna be nice and drunk by the time we drove down and scored. And, um, and I still, on 4th-and-5 from midfield -- that's, that's something that very rarely stops me from drinking, when we have a 4th down with that kind of field position. It's kind of like a little bit of my, you know, swagger that I can keep drinking and stay focused on 4th down. And, you know, I've done it for the last two years, and, um, they, they just beat me to it. They beat us.

I'm extremely disappointed. Um, and you've got to give credit to Oklahoma State -- they kept fighting and, uh, made a big play with the touchdown pass and everything, but that's a game that I feel like we should've won and we could've won, and, um, I have to make smarter, better drink choices to win the rest of 'em. And it's just, it's just frustrating.

I wanted to say, in my heart, since it still hurts, this will motivate me personally, and, I think, everybody else -- the tailgaters and the rest of the fans -- to never let something like this, um, happen again. Especially when we feel we're better than the team we're playing and, um, don't drink up to our ability.

And, uh, I just want to say one thing -- to the readers and everybody of Hey Jenny Slater, I'm sorry. Extremely sorry. I was hoping for an unbroken string of drinks for an entire game -- that was my goal -- something I've never done here. But I promise you one thing: A lot of good will come out of this. You have never seen any blogger in the entire country drink as hard as I will drink the rest of the season, and you will never see someone push the rest of the fan base as hard as I will push everybody the rest of the season. And you will never see a tailgate crowd drink harder than we will the rest of the season.

God bless.

ADDED: DAve would like to contribute this, because he is the man, and he can.


Peter said...

definitely should be bronzed. or at least shellacked. maybe some scotchgaurd?

Oskie said...


BulldogBry said...

Awesome. I'm going to go buy some Doug pajamas.

Robert said...

Outstanding work. Something we can all aspire to.

Sports Dawg said...


Eli said...

Well done, sir. I was thinking something similar, but you had the initiative to see it through.

I had a superstitious practice of drinking the Gators to victory with Steel Reserve, but what good is a victory that you cannot remember?