Tuesday, April 14

It lives.

Back in the driver's seat once again.

Don't know what the inspiration for the renewed interest in blogging was, but I don't particularly care, because baby sis's excellent blog is back up and running, with regular updates, for the first time in eight months. The honesty, as always, will be refreshing. And terrifying. Terrifyingly refreshing.

Update your blogrolls accordingly, mofos, or there will be pain.

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Tantra Flower said...

Doug, I'm sorry to say that in the 2 1/2 years (give or take) since I've been reading your blog, I haven't once explored your blogroll or read Practically Harmless. I made a mental note to check her out after your proclamation some time ago that she is a better blogger than you, but then forgot. Well, after spending a good hour over there this morning, laughing out loud and nodding my head enthusiastically -- I'm beating myself up. I feel as though I have been depriving myself. Of course I added her to my blogroll -- and not because you told me to. She is excellent. I'm proud to link her.