Saturday, January 5

Who knew what and when did they know it?

This morning while I was sitting around in my jammies drinking coffee, watching the "Sunday [Saturday?] NFL Countdown" guys on ESPN preview how the Redskins are totally gonna smoke Seattle like a rack of Dreamland ribs in the wild-card game this afternoon, I did my usual blog-perusing and found this post on my homey Josh's blog detailing how, as of New Year's Eve, he officially saddled his faithful significant other with the Sisyphean task of making an honest man out of him. Here's the rock to prove it:

So congratulations, Josh, not just for embarking on what I'm sure will be an incredible new chapter in your life but also for snagging a pretty amazing girl. I don't think I'm telling you anything you don't already know when I quote "High Fidelity" and tell you that you're punching waaaay above your weight in that department.

But here's the funny part of this. The proposal happened sometime on the evening of December 31, and I didn't read his blog announcement until 10 or so this morning, abour four and a half days later. In that four-and-a-half-day span, Josh communicated with me thrice: one text message from the upper deck at the Superdome describing just how bad Colt Brennan was getting destroyed by the Dawgs; a couple comments to this post on my blog; and one e-mail that I shall reproduce here in its entirety:

How do I go about collecting my winnings? Should I send Guido over with a crowbar?

The "winnings" he's referring to are the $110 he earned by winning the championship in our fantasy football league. So just for the record, this dillweed gets engaged on New Year's Eve, but the first thing he thinks of to tell me is he wants his money for winning the fantasy football title.

I don't have any especially big agenda in pointing this out, other than to warn The Future Mrs. Josh Massey: Good luck, ma'am. I hope you know what you're getting into.

(But seriously, Josh, congratulations.)


Josh M. said...

I'm trying to come up with a proper response, but I'm too busy laughing at your banner ad this morning (in case it changes, here's a screengrab:

Anyway, I just assumed all of my true friends had made the trip to New Orleans, like true friends should. Truly.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

Dude, somebody already commented on that a few posts back. But it doesn't matter anyway, because nobody can impugn the manliness of the new car I just bought on eBay Motors -- a sweet-ass white '02 VW Cabriolet. And just to make it clear that I'm on the lookout for chicks, I'm going to get the vanity license plate "GRLFRND."

Anonymous said...

I found out on New Year's Eve, but not because Josh went out of his way to tell me. I sent him a text about Beth getting engaged, so he responded that he had too. Oh yeah, if you hadn't heard, Beth's engaged.