Monday, January 7

Separated at Birth: Separate this.

Sudden Republican frontrunner Mike Huckabee and fugitive skyjacker D.B. Cooper?

Democratic candidate Bill Richardson and former "West Wing" supporting cast member Oliver Platt?

New York Knicks coach Isiah Thomas and "American Gangster" co-star Chiwetel Ejiofor?

Washington Redskins QB Todd Collins and Josh Randall, the title character's best friend on the NBC comedy "Ed"?

Spread-offense guru Rich Rodriguez and self-help guru Frasier Crane?

Dead-to-the-Atlanta-Falcons coach Bobby Petrino and dead-to-everybody comedian Bob Hope?

Petrino's predecessor, Houston Nutt, and "Lazarus Man" Robert Urich?


Anonymous said...

Huckabee is definitely Gomer Pyle. No doubt about it.

Will said...

Huckabee at times can look alarmingly like Kevin Spacey though.

Hope it doesn't lead to some sort of "The greatest trick the GOP ever pulled..." moment. Like in 2000.

Anonymous said...

I think Huckabee looks like the younger version of one of the presidents from "24".