Wednesday, April 4

Damn! Do we have to take them?

The 15 British sailors captured by Iran have been freed -- just freed, without a skirmish or a full-scale invasion or anything.

Strangely, I have the sense that some people are very disappointed by this.

(Hat tip to Digby.)


Tommy said...

Bizarre reaction on the Brits' part. Gotta marvel at the chutzpah on Iran's part, calling the return of captives "a gift to the British people." As I said on my blog, I'm off to rob Goodwill, but I'll return the loot as a gift in a few weeks and seek a tax deduction next year.

DC Trojan said...

International political theater. I'd be entertained to see either of those twits repeat their analysis to a group of Royal Marines in person - or for that matter to the hoolies that they claim are the last real warriors.