Tuesday, April 17

Back into my comfort zone.

Not to sound flip in light of yesterday's events, but after a week of issues ranging from the serious (campus massacres, bogus rape charges, troop surges) to the seriously overdone (Don fricking Imus), it's going to be really nice to be able to talk football again. Which I will be doing tonight on "EDSBS Live," the Internet radio program started by Every Day Should Be Saturday and Burnt Orange Nation.

The show gets started at 7:30 Eastern/6:30 Central; I'll be on around 8:17/7:15, talking about Georgia football, Bloggerpalooza, Darryl Strawberry, the long ball, no big whoop. All with the unmistakable flavor of my sparkling wit, of course. You can listen here.

With any luck I'll refrain from doing anything that would get Orson and Peter kicked off the Internets or move Neal Boortz to come rushing to my defense.

1 comment:

DAve said...

Hop in the chat room beforehand - I'll make a point to mock you merciliessly.