Friday, April 27

Friday Random Ten: The H is O.

So a bunch of us at work were laughing over the Will Ferrell "Landlord" video that went up on the Web last week, and we got to talking about our favorite Ferrell sketches from "Saturday Night Live." I am of the opinion that SNL's "Celebrity Jeopardy" series is one of the funniest things put on any TV network anywhere ever, but there's a somewhat lesser-known -- or at least lesser-talked-about -- sketch featuring Will Ferrell and Ben Stiller that never fails to make me laugh out loud. Herewith, I bring you "The H is O."

You know, I think my favorite part of this video -- besides the thought of Stiller's character believing that the height of manly coolness is to have "Glenn Frey's stank" all over him -- is the interaction between the three guys at the bar. Which, as anyone who has ever hung out with a group of 20-/30-something guys can tell you, is scarily accurate.

Anyway . . . here's the Ten:

1. New Order, "Krafty" (DJ Dan dub remix)
2. Thievery Corporation, "Incident at Gate 7"
3. The Clash, "This Is Radio Clash"
4. Nine Inch Nails, "Head Like a Hole"
5. Fatboy Slim, "Next to Nothing"
6. The Clash, "Clash City Rockers"
7. The Strokes, "The Modern Age"
8. The Strokes, "Trying Your Luck"
9. James Brown, "Get Up (I Feel Like Being a Sex Machine)"
10. Wu-Tang Clan, "Tearz"

Your Ten, and any particularly memorable Will Ferrell sketches, in the comments.


kleph said...

holy moley my ten is all over the frickin place...

1) "Rifles" - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
2) "Sure Thing" - St. Germain
3) "Bring Sally Up" - Moby
4) "Sweet Jane (live)" - Lou Reed
5) "Rock Lobster" - The B-52s
6) "Slow Moves" - Jose González
7) "Last Living Souls" - Gorillaz
8) "A Final Hit (full length version)" - Leftfield
9) "Go" - The Replacements
10) "Mr. Blue Sky" - ELO

Josh said...

My favorite Ferrell sketch was definitely the commercial for Petchow Rat Poison.

Sadly, I can't find it on Youtube, but here's the transcript.

Kanu said...

I'm partial to his speech as W on global warming from his Crawford Ranch that aired during a save the planet comedy special last year on TBS.

"Not now, Condi..."

Now then, El Diez:

1. "Sarah's Song", G. Love & Special Sauce

2. "Is It Live?", Run-D.M.C.

3. "Drop", The Pharcyde

4. "Girlfriend", Alicia Keys

5. "Feenin'", Jodeci

6. "San Juan", Daniel Lanois

7. "Don't Leave Me On My Own", Chris Isaak

8. "Take It In Blood", Nas

9. "I Used To Love Her", Slightly Stoopid

10. "Where Are My Panties?", Outkast (Andre 3000)

some chick w/ a boy's name said...

1. Run DMC, “It’s Tricky”
2. Scissor Sisters, “Tits on the Radio”
3. Massive Attack, “Teardrop”
4. The Cure, “Other Voices”
5. Depeche Mode, “People are People”
6. Coldplay, “Til Kingdom Come”
7. Norah Jones, “The Long Day is Over”
8. The Cranberries, “Time is Ticking Out”
9. Scissor Sisters, “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’”
10. Lenny Kravitz, “It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over”

Ok, Kanu beat me to it, but I had already typed this out before reading the other comments:

"I’m not sure it’s from SNL, but I’m surprised that this isn’t your favorite Will Ferrell clip:"

DC Trojan said...

1. Rolling Stones, Paint it Black
2. Depeche Mode, New Life
3. Kaiser Chiefs, Na Na Na Na Naa
4. Prince, Kiss
5. Madness, Take it or leave it
6. Primal Scream, Inner Flight
7. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, The High Party
8. Howie B, Sniffer Dog
9. Muddy Waters, Soon Forgotten
10. Underworld, Kittens