Sunday, September 18

Ummm . . . I'll just stick with a Touareg, thanks.

OK, this new Hummer commercial, the one that was playing all through the NFL games today, the one where the giant mutant lizard and the giant robot meet while they're destroying some city, and they fall in love, and they have a baby, and the baby is a Hummer H3? I get (sort of) the message there, which is that while the Hummer H3 is big and tough like a giant robot, it's also big and tough like a giant mutant lizard. I guess.

And yet, every time I see it, that message is overpowered by a different one I don't think the manufacturers intended, which is "Hummer H3: The car that came out of Godzilla's vagina."

Tell me I'm wrong, people. Tell me I'm wrong!


Michael said...

I wish the giant lizard and giant robot would have wore some bantha skins when they were making nice nice with each other.

Now we have to put up with all their bastard offspring running around.

jen said...

If I weren't already married, Doug, I'd move to Alabama and steal you. Just for making me laugh at this ungodly hour.

Anonymous said...

If anything, that's a selling point.

April said...

I don't think I've seen the commercial. Gee what have I missed? Maybe I'll see it tonight while I'm watching football. It sounds disturbing though.

festinog said...

How did the robot produce sperm? Is the hummer half metal half lizard? Does it eat flies as well as it drinks petrol? Which came first, the hummer or the egg? Does it's horn have a Japenese accent? Is the hummer really a foam suit with an underpaid actor inside? Which city was destroyed and what did Bush have to say about it? Does Godzilla and the robot work for Al Queda? Is the Hummer an Al Queda plot? Does anyone care? What kind of a name is Hummer anyway? Sounds a bit gay if you ask me.