Wednesday, September 7

Come back, Trev! Treeeev!

I know the conventional wisdom on ESPN's Trev Alberts is that he's the guy everyone's supposed to think doesn't know squat -- it's kind of become his shtick over the last few college football seasons, even -- but I like the guy, which is why I was so disappointed to find he'd been let go by ESPN and will no longer be hanging with Rece Davis and Mark May on "College Football Scoreboard." Sure, lots of people disagreed with him on lots of stuff, but (and this is my homer instinct taking hold here, I admit) he could at least be bothered to step up and give praise to my Bulldogs when they did something noteworthy -- which is more than you can say for May, who can be counted on to criticize, minimize, or blow off anything Georgia does on the field. If Georgia had gone to the Orange Bowl last year, beaten USC by five touchdowns, and capped off the rout with David Greene leaping up into the stands to save the life of an elderly woman choking to death on a hot dog, May would've shaken his head and nitpicked Greene's Heimlich technique.

Well, at least my fellow former C-Towner Rece Davis will be there to keep May's ass in check. And Trev, if you're bored without anything to do on Saturday, come down to Athens and hang out with me and some of my peeps for the South Carolina game. I can't promise you we'll be able to find tickets, but if we end up going to the Georgia Theatre to watch the game on the big screen, beers are on me.

Trev's fate, however, is still preferable to that of former ESPN sideline reporter Adrian Karsten, who was found dead in his house last week. Karsten was the preternaturally blond, suspendered third member of the prime-time broadcasting team that also included Ron Franklin and Mike Gottfried, of whom I have many fond memories calling Georgia night games back when I was in school there (the '98 upset of LSU immediately springs to mind), plus some not-so-fond memories when Georgia would cough one up to some team whose ass they should've smeared all over the field, but we won't go into that right now. I was also surprised to find that Karsten was about to go off to jail for tax evasion -- am I the only one who's just now finding out about that? -- but at any rate, he and his suspenders will be missed.


DAve said...

The big question, Doug is: How do you feel about the rumored replacement for Trev? A guy by the name of... wait for it... Nick Lachey?

Doug said...

Unless he's going to be accompanied by Jessica Simpson in her pink "Dukes of Hazzard" bikini, I'm going to go with a big fat no on that one. In fact, let me upgrade that to a hell no.