Friday, September 16

Friday Random Ten, Cool Ranch 'n' Bacon Edition.

1. Patton Oswalt, "Liquor Ads"
2. The Fugees, "The Beast"
3. Looper, "Mondo '77"
4. Public Enemy, "Fight the Power"
5. OutKast, "The Way You Move"
6. The Chemical Brothers, "Hey Boy Hey Girl"
7. Underworld, "Little Speaker"
8. Genesis, "Invisible Touch"
9. Nina Simone, "My Baby Just Cares For Me"
10. Pet Shop Boys, "Break 4 Love" (Friburn & Urik mix)

This brings to mind a conversation I was having with some friends about which songs were playing when we lost our respective virginities. So here's a little additional game for you, readers -- which of the above ten was playing when Yours Truly finally surrendered his innocence? (Here's a hint -- as hard as it may be to fathom, it wasn't the Pet Shop Boys song. I mean, come on, that one didn't come out until I was 23, for Christ's sake.) If you care to hazard a guess in the comments, feel free, and as always, throw your own ten in there if you're so inclined.


CoolSchool said...

1. Audioslave, "Like a Stone"
2. Afghan Whigs, "Crazy"
3. Godplow, "Malcom's Private Agenda"
4. Bruce Springsteen, "Thunder Road"
5. REM, "What's the Frequency Kenneth?"
6. Spin Doctors, "Jimmy Olsen's Blues"
7. Elvis Costello, "Veronica"
8. Rolling Stones, "Paint it Black"
9. Ramones, "Can't Get You Outta My Mind"
10. Warren Zevon, Turbulence"

Kevin said...

I'm going to have to go with "Fight the Power". That song is SOOOO romantic.

Josh said...

I was just sure a "Weird" Al Yankovic song would have been your theme song. Or "I Touch Myself."

The first time I seriously made out with a girl was to the "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me" soundtrack. Unfortunately, the only sounds during my actual deeds were the honking horns of Brooklyn (and no, it wasn't with a hooker).

And, um, there's absolutely nothing wrong with losing your virginity at 23. Not that, you know, not... whatever.

My real guess: Fugees. Though I'm really hoping it was Genesis.

Doug said...

Nope, nobody's gotten it yet . . . although yeah, "Fight the Power" would've been teh @w3s0m3.

April said...

The Nina Simone one?

J_da_F said...

1. Geraldine--George Higgs
2. Here's To You--Joan Baez
3. Rez--Underworld
4. Worlds Apart--Bruce Springsteen
5. Wide Open Spaces--Dixie Chicks
6. High and Dry--Radiohead
7. Solitary Man--Johnny Cash
8. The Crossroads--Robert Johnson
9. Bad Day--REM
10. Girl--Beck

I would have to guess the Chemical Brothers--I think that's the oldest song that hasn't already been guessed (that would put the loss of innocence around 1999).

Doug said...

Nope, April got it. Kudos to April.

April said...

Yay! What do I win?

Josh said...

The second half of his virginity.

Doug said...

Ummm . . . before I commit to anything, could someone tell me what "the second half of his virginity" means?