Sunday, September 4

Hey, maybe Maurice Clarett can be "He Don't Want Nothing To Do With Me."

This is funny -- maybe not ranch tooth funny, necessarily, but funny just the same, if you're easily amused like me:

One of the most famous nicknames in sports history is undergoing a change. Hate is dead. Carolina Panthers running back Rod "He Hate Me" Smart will announce a new nickname during a promotional appearance at an Alltel store in Pineville today. The former XFL star who gained recognition by having his unique nickname stitched on the back of his Las Vegas Outlaws jersey, will now become "He Love Me."

"I came to Carolina and got my love," said Smart. "I've have earned some great opportunities in my career and become associated with a lot of great people who respect who I am and what I do."

Smart will be presented with a He Love Me jersey, sign autographs and meet customers.

Awwww. I'm not ashamed to say I watched that first XFL game (it's football, for crying out loud, quit judging me) in which Smart debuted his crazy-ass nickname, and it was awesome. I'm sorry to see "He Hate Me" consigned to the history books, or the footnotes of those books, or maybe the footnotes of those footnotes, but I'm glad Smart is feeling the love.

(Link via Thighs Wide Shut.)

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