Saturday, September 3

And the best part is, it's not the least bit colored by personal bias or anything like that.

Sorry for the paucity of blog-posting these days -- mere days after my computer ceased functioning entirely last week, it sat down and decided, "Hmmm, I should take it easy this time, how 'bout I just punt the Internet connection." And poof! -- no Web connection, no blogging, no e-mail, no sweet sweet Internet porn ability to communicate and share ideas with you, my wonderful readers.

Clearly, though, it is back now. Though I'm sure as shootin' not going to be doing much blogging today, 'cause football, bitches!

That doesn't mean I'm going to leave you completely high and dry, though. If you want to read something truly awesome -- more awesome than anything that's ever been posted on this raggedy-ass blog, anyway -- mosey on over to my homey DAve's blog and check out his exhaustively researched, totally objective prediction of how the Georgia Bulldogs' season is going to play out, right down to who's going to be the MVP of each game. (And if you think I'm not going to start referring to Georgia tight end Leonard Pope as Leonard Pope Maleficent Benedictus the VIIth from now on, then I guess you don't know me all that well.)

Well, gotta go. UAB just kicked off against Tennessee. It's like Christmas morning in September.

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