Tuesday, March 4

Tuesday Bostonblogging.

I'm still basking in the glow of my upset win in the Funniest Blog category of the CFBAs yesterday -- oh, yeah, I'm basking the shit out of this -- so while we all wait for my head to return to its normal size, here are some recent photos of the monsters, who, as you can see, are getting along fine.

That's Champ, the new guy, on the left in each of those -- and here he is by his lonesome:

Yeah, I don't really know how you manage to fall out of bed when your bed is basically just a big pillow sitting on the floor -- he's not right, that one.


Anonymous said...

Was that supposed to be a dog bed or did the Bostons commandeer it and now it is a dog bed? They are just so cute.

Anonymous said...

Do you play disc golf?