Thursday, February 7

I'll take "anal bum cover" for $200, Alex.

Before anyone asks -- and I know your heart is going pitter-pat waiting for the answer -- I don't know yet whether I'm going to be a delegate to the DNC. Hey, we're not an organized political party, we're Democrats! (Thank you, I'll be here all week.) Rest assured I'll post something up here as soon as I know something one way or the other, but in the meantime, you're welcome to obsessively check the Alabama Democratic Party Web site every 15 minutes for updates (not that I've been doing that for the last two days).

You're also welcome to take a look at some of the album covers that people put together in response to this post (which is basically just continuing the idea originally posted here). First, a few more of mine:

And now . . . Camel:

Whirl, who has a hell of a band name:

A couple good ones from DAve:




Interestingly, I can picture myself thumbing through any of these while killing time at Wuxtry Records on Clayton Street in Athens circa 1996. More linked in the comments thread here.

Keep sending me links to whatever you've created; this is lots of fun when you're bored -- which, now that the Alabama primary campaign is over, I'm sure I will frequently be over the next few weeks.

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