Friday, February 22

The Friday Random Ten+5 emphasizes the "random."

I'll be honest, the well is pretty dry for the +5 this week (as it's been with pretty much everything else, which you've no doubt noticed), so I'm just throwing some stuff out there. First five things that popped into my head:

Mr. Yuk

Kristen Bell

The Jaguar S-Type

The Boeing 747


I would add something like, "Now find the common thread running through all of these five things," but that'd be cruel. Here's the equally random Ten:

1. Joe Tex, "I Gotcha"
2. R.E.M., "I Wanted to Be Wrong"
3. The Beach Boys, "God Only Knows"
4. Pet Shop Boys, "My Head Is Spinning"
5. Lyrics Born, "I Changed My Mind"
6. The Jazz Jury, "Wake Up"
7. The Beastie Boys, "POW"
8. Pet Shop Boys, "Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money)"
9. U.N.K.L.E., "Celestial Annihilation"
10. Radiohead, "A Punch Up at a Wedding (No No No No No No No No)"

Put your own Random Tens and/or random free-association streams of consciousness in the comments.


Erik Tylczak said...

Things about which your readers know some history, but to a kid born today seem as though they've existed forever.


Will said...

Damn...that picture reminded me that Kristen Bell turned down the chance to play C.S. Lewis on LOST. And that I haven't quite figured out why they need a character named after the inventor of Narnia hanging out with a physicist named after the "father of electromagnetism" but damn LOST brings out my inner nerd.

And with that, here's 10:
1. Lovage - "Book of the Month"
2. The Mars Volta - "Cassandra Gemini"
3. I Mother Earth - "Love Your Starfish"
4. Sevendust - "Bitch"
5. Ryan Adams - "Memories of You"
6. Jason Becker - "End of the Beginning"
7. MGMT - "The Youth"
8. Frank Zappa - "Louisiana Hooker With Herpes (Live)"
9. Candlebox - "You"
10. Augie March - "Men Who Follow Spring the Planet 'Round (Live With the West Australian Orchestra)"

Dad said...

Hmmmm ... 5 random free associations:

1. Kaylee from Firefly
2. That Jag looks like a Hyundai
3. Burt's Bees
4. Dasani
5. Big stack of trial transcripts on my desk.

The random 10:

1. "Cheeseburger in Paradise" by Jimmy Buffett
2. "Hammerfall 2.0.07" by Hammerfall
3. "Breaking the Law" by Judas Priest
4. "Babooshka" by Kate Bush
5. "Lonesome Fugitive" by Merle Haggard
6. "Quiche Lorraine" by The B-52's
7. "Rock your Body" by Justin Timberlake (Where the hell did that come from?!?!?!)
8. "Alexander the Great" by Iron Maiden
9. "When the Eagle Cries" by Iced Earth
10. "Bad Company" by Bad Company

Kanu said...

Shit, I'll take a stab at it, although it's not very PC...

If the first 4 things existed 100 years ago, then the Ottoman Empire would have used the combination of Kristen Bell and the Jag as a sort of Trojan horse, and then when the Armenians were distracted by their respective beauties, they would have sent over 747s filled with poison and dropped it on the masses below, causing thousands and even millions of emergency calls to Mr. Yuk who sadly would be unable to respond because his phone lines were jammed. Then Armenia and Turkey would fight over what really did or didn't happen to this day.

And now, a non genocide referencing 10:

1.Mano Negra, "Peligro", from 'The Best Of Mano Negra'

2. Donovan Frankenreiter, "Swing On Down", from 'Donovan Frankenreiter'

3. Frankie Trumbauer, "Singin' The Blues" from 'Ken Burns Jazz(Disc1)'

4. A Tribe Called Quest, "Find A Way", from 'The Love Movement'

5. Fabolous, "Bad Bitch", from 'Street Dreams'

6. Jurassic 5, "Contact", from 'Quality Control'

7. David Gray, "Be Mine", from 'A New Day At Midnight'

8. Gilberto Gil, "Nao Chore Mais (No Woman No Cry)", from 'Kaya N'gan Daya'

9. Slightly Stoopid, "Souled", from 'Live & Direct: Acoustic Roots'

10. Murphy Lee, "What Da Hook Gon Be", from 'Murphy Lee'

Happy Weekend.

Josh M. said...

There's something phallic about all of them.

hoodawg said...

They'd all fit well into the next Bond film (set in Armenia, unseen maniacal villain attempts to kill Bond by having Kristin Bell poison him. Instead, he kidnaps Bell in the Jag and ravishes her until she reveals that Kyrgyzian oil tycoons are about to crash a 747 loaded with former Soviet nuclear weaponry into Red Square. Bond is forced to prevent WWIII by saving his former nemeses, the Russkies).

Anonymous said...

They all have to do with silicon?