Thursday, February 12

Separated at Birth, The Long Cold Football-Less Winter of the Spirit edition.

Victorious Super Bowl coach Mike Tomlin and T.C. from "Magnum, P.I."?

Victorious BCS National Championship Game coach Urban Meyer and Papa John's founder John Schnatter?

Or victorious BCS National Championship Game coach Urban Meyer and the Cyberdyne Systems/Skynet T-1000? (Actually, that's a bit of a copout, since the T-1000 can make itself look like whomever it wants.)

Vanquished BCS National Championship Game coach Bob Stoops and Michael J. Fox?

Tennessee Volunteers head coach Lane Kiffin and Seth Rogen's character in the forthcoming film "Observe and Report" (which looks f'ing hilarious, by the way)?

Mississippi State Bulldogs head coach Dan Mullen and Rob Riggle of "The Daily Show"?

Tennessee Titans quarterback Kerry Collins and TV's House?


ClassicCityDawg said...

Urban Meyer looks like the president of Syria Bashar al-Assad.

Also, Mike Tomlin looks more like Omar Epps than anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Mike Tomlin is a dead ringer for Omar Epps.

Seth said...

Jon Chaney (ex-Temple men's basketball coach) and those Furby dolls that were popular in the 90's bear a striking resemblance.

peachy said...

You had better hope no-one named "John Connor" ever signs at UGA... I'm just saying.

Jon said...

On the same topic, have Houston Nutt and Tom Arnold ever been seen together?

King Cockfight said...

Honestly, I don't think House looks grizzled enough for Kerry Collins.

Though I must say Kerry actually looks like he has a serious prescription painkiller addiction.