Friday, February 6

Dawg stuff to take you through the lean times.

Meaningful football is on hiatus for nearly seven more months, but that doesn't mean you're completely bereft of ways to fill the void. You could, for instance, keep up with Jeff Owens's blog -- yes, that Jeff Owens, the Georgia defensive tackle. This is the only active blog by a current Georgia player I'm aware of, so you should check it out, or #95 will do to you what he can be seen here doing to poor Tashard Choice.

Jeff's post "What does it mean to wear the G" is a pretty inspiring read. Also great: sportswriter Joe Posnanski's reminiscences of Herschel Walker. If those two things don't make you proud to be a Georgia Bulldog, then your offseason malaise may be terminal.

Or maybe all you need is some cake.

This is the extremely huge confection that served as the groom's cake for HJS reader Clay, and honestly I didn't think it could be done, but that even beats the Krispy Kreme cake I put forth the other day. Well played, sir -- I'm assuming you married a Georgia fan, but if you managed to slip that by a Gator or Vol, then congratulations, you've officially achieved demigod status.

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A Free Man said...

Thanks for the link to Jeff's blog - it's great stuff!