Sunday, February 8

Oooh, oooh, now say "Is Barack Obama gonna have to choke a bitch"!

Move over, sliced bread, there's a new standard by which all future things will be measured.

When they come out with the pull-string Talking Barack Obama Doll -- and you know they're going to -- these better be on them. That's profanity we can believe in, my friends.


Josh M. said...

Cue the faux indignation from the same people who pooped babies when Cheney said "fuck." Or don't.

Anonymous said...

Painful watching the messiah bumbling through his press conference. Why can't he just answer the question directly? Tell us something we don't already know. A lot of blah, blah, blah. What happened to the message of hope? It's all dire, catastrophic outcomes rhetoric.

Damon said...

anon 7:50: stop being an ignorant motherfucker, buy your own damn fries.