Tuesday, July 1

Three random photos taken with a cell-phone camera, with minimal comment.

Virgin Atlantic 747-400 "Hot Lips" (G-VLIP) at Orlando International Airport.

My thumb Monday morning with four stitches in it, after I sliced it open whilst trying to get the lid off a can of dog food.

Graffiti I found etched in the dust on one of my building's basement windows when I came home from the hospital.


fenwayspal said...

and the answer is:

dry dogfood

Jason said...

Ah, the dreaded skeet hit and run. Ouch.

Universal REMONSTER said...

Does that say "I Penis wrinkle"?

What an unfortunate person.

Josh said...

Dude, gross. Who in their right mind would post gross pictures of their scars?

Holly said...

Rub some dirt on it?