Tuesday, July 22

It must've sounded like a good idea at the time.

I have a tag for the posts on this blog called "techies are adorable," but it looks like I might have to start one for South Carolina fans, too:

The tanking economy and overbuilding have tempered the Midlands “cockominium” craze.

Forty condominiums at Carolina Walk, near Williams-Brice Stadium, will go on the auction block Saturday, and at Stadium Village Lofts, 59 units that recently were finished are moving slowly, developers say.

“Some of the people that were qualified (to purchase a condo) a year and a half ago are not qualified now,” said Boyce Haigler, a developer of Stadium Village Lofts.

"Cockominium" -- let that word roll off your tongue a couple times. Now, doesn't the cutesy desperation in that concept strike you as almost Tech-esque?

Mind you, I don't have any blanket condemnations of Columbia to issue because there are some spots around the downtown area that are actually quite nice. The stadium area, though, makes mid-'80s Detroit look like Versailles. Between that and the tanking economy, I don't think it's any wonder people aren't lining up to make a new real-estate investment just to get closer to a team that's 37-35 over the last six seasons.

Particularly when it's called a "cockominium," which sounds like a place where multiple porn flicks are filmed simultaneously. Maybe it's just me.

(Hat tip to the good Senator.)


Mackalicious said...

As Adam Sandler would say,

Holly said...

Mind you, I don't have any blanket condemnations of Columbia to issue

No, that's my job.