Tuesday, September 14

Side hustlin'.

So if the posting traffic on here hasn't been quite as brisk as it's been in the past, it's because I've been busy mucking up not just this blog but several others since football season started.

First off, you're looking at the senior Georgia football correspondent for SB Nation's Atlanta regional site -- that's not an official title per se, but go ahead and call me by it anyway, makes me feel important -- where I'll be posting on the Dawgs on a regular basis. You'll be able to find me in story streams on each week's upcoming game -- offensive previews on Wednesdays, defensive previews on Thursdays, with occasional in-game updates as warranted. I'll also be doing short recaps each Monday, along with "Opposition Research" posts each Tuesday taking a peek at what the Dawgs' upcoming opponents accomplished over the preceding weekend and judging whether that should lower or heighten Bulldog Nation's worry level.

Obviously I'm biased here, but I can't sing the praises of SBN Atlanta enough, nor the SB Nation network in general. The Atlanta site is headed by a talented and knowledgeable gentleman named Jason Kirk, who's an avowed Tech fan but arguably one of the most tolerable, least douchey Tech fans I've ever met. More importantly, unlike Bleacher Report, where any jagoff with a 56K modem can begin firehosing his ill-informed, syntactically dubious judgments at the rest of the world with minimal-to-nonexistent editing, Jason and the rest of the guys running SBN's various Keebler trees actually take pains to seek out good writers who know what they're talking about and can make it all entertaining. Even if you barely spend 10 seconds skimming anything I've written, I hope you'll read SBN blogs regularly, join their communities and support what they're doing; I think you'll get more out of their content than just about anyone else's, mainstream sites included.

And as long as I'm making an impassioned SBN sales pitch, I should probably also plug Every Day Should Be Saturday, which joined the SB Nation liberation army back around the beginning of the year. I'm assuming most of you are tuned into EDSBS already -- and if you're not, seriously, what the hell is wrong with you -- but either way, I'm sure you'll be thuh-rilled to know that I've got a regular feature going there, the "CFB Buyers' Guide," every Tuesday. I'll also be pitching in on Holly's "Best in Class" post each week and other random goofarounds here and there.

Finally, I'll also be offending and alienating people as far away as San Antonio, Texas, through the "Gridiron and Grits" blog on the San Antonio Express-News's website. The blog is run by one of my supervisors, a former San Antonian who -- steady, now -- got her degree from South Carolina. So yeah, she's the enemy, but she follows the SEC rabidly (and possesses no small amount of influence over my future wage-earning ability), so if you read and/or comment over there, be nice. She didn't ride me nearly as hard for the Dawgs' loss to the Gamecocks as she could have, so there's that.

Between all this and a travel schedule that, not surprisingly, picked right up once the season started, I've had to re-evaluate some of my time commitments, and that means I won't be contributing to the Dr. Saturday blog over at Yahoo anymore. But read my other stuff, make me feel like a special flower, and comment to your heart's content. And by all means keep coming by here -- I'm not abandoning this joint by any stretch.


Universal Remonster said...

That's a lot of writing. I suppose the world needs to brace itself for an onslaught of increasingly nongermane discourse... which I'll continue to routinely digest, if only to make you feel like that special snowflake you are.

Kevin said...

dont forget your doc sat work.

i like reading you all over the net (didn't know about GandG) but prefer your prose here. Seems more off the cuff and there's definitely more swearing and chicks in bras... so don't slack on the HJS posting brah.

Jason Kirk said...

This is probably my favorite HJS post ever, other than the one where every Tech football coach since William Alexander was ranked in the Ten Most Horrible People In Sports list.

Ollllddude said...

Sounds like you have rapidly moved from the ranks of the unemployed to the ranks of the over employed. Congratulations, I guess. ;)