Thursday, June 4

One of these things is not like the other.

All of the following people were born on June 4. Which one doesn't belong?

Miss January 1991 Stacy Arthur (41).

Miss February 1992 Tanya Beyer (38).

Actress and serial Third-World child adopter Angelina Jolie (34).

Porn starlet Jenaveve Jolie (25).

Actress Jillian Murray (25).

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Tori Praver (23).

Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover model Bar Refaeli (24).

Miss December 2002 Lani Todd (28).

And me (31).

Take your time.

(Give up? It's Bar Refaeli, who was born in Israel. All the others were born in the United States. Duh.)


Rik said...

Great quiz, do these more often. Or not, but happy birthday, anyway.

Oh, and you left out the "in the USA" bit out of the top question, but who cares.

Whirl said...

God bless your birthday, sir.

Universal Remonster said...

I share a birthday with Bill Pullman... so unless I need some sort of climactic presidential speech I think I'll hang with your crew if that's alright.

And happy birthday.

Unknown said...

Hey, Happy Birthday! :)

Squarebush said...

Happy birthday! Not a bad line up you got there, Doug.

I share a birthday with Jordana Brewster:

Hell to the yes!

Oh, and these people, too:

* YouTube star lonelygirl 15

* John Isner (Damn Good Dawg)

* Jessica Lynch (POW)

* Marne Patterson (

* Ivana Milicevic (

* And Kevin James, Jet Li, Michael Damian, Bill Wennington, Gary Wright (Dream Weaver, bitch!), Carol Burnett, Gracie Allen...and other

CoolSchool said...

HappY Bday Doug-thanks for all the funny you bring-your flying fickle finger of fate award is in the mail. Are you now old enough to get that one?

ACG said...

I get Sara Cox, Rama Yade, Sarah Schulze, Darla Baker, Taylor Swift, and Debbie Matenopolous. The outlier is obviously Debbie, because the rest of presumably have two functioning brain cells to rub together.

I also get Mary Todd Lincoln, George Polya, Anna Eshoo, and Irene Saez.

Happy birthday.

Kristen said...

I still remember your 21st birthday when we went to eat in Athens (at Chili's? Can that be right?) and Mark and Erin were growing out their facial hair. Happy Birfday, Boss!

(P.S. I share a birthday with Naomi Judd, so clearly, I win.)

Holly said...

Stonewall Jackson, Benny Hill, Wolfman Jack, Geena Davis, and Jam Master Jay. Baller. Happy birthday, boo.

Eric (Extra P.) said...

Doug: Can we get you doing the foam-blasting firehose pose next year?

Holly: That means you also share a birthday with Stonewall Jackson's arm, which rated its own burial site separate from the rest of his body.

Eric (Extra P.) said...

By the way, mine run the gamut from Eric Clapton and Vincent Van Gogh to Ian Ziering and M.C. Hammer. I'm going to go ahead and hope I rank somewhere in the middle of all that greatness.

Jason Bini said...

happy birthday good sir, always enjoy reading!

ryan said...

so typical of you to leave out horatio sanz.

happy birthday, sirrah.

Unknown said...

Many happy returns.

Surprising exactly no-one, it appears that I share my birthday with a number of noticeable douche-bags... Bill Kristol, Jim Harbaugh, Paul Hornung, Corey Haim, and Eddie Vedder, for starters. If it wasn't for Adm James Stockdale, Harry Shearer, and the splendidly named Alge Crumpler, I'd be completely out of luck.

Unknown said...

sometime lurker but avid reader but had to chime in here. i got james dean on my b-day. beat that for cool.

oh yeah, happy birthday to you too doug. looks like you picked a good crowd to party with.

Tantra Flower said...

Happy Birthday!!!

duff said...

Dude... NSFW!

But Happy Birthday anyway!

Brandon said...

Happy Birthday, Bar. Oh, and you too Doug.