Monday, June 22

Monday Morning Cage Match II:
The guy from "In the Bedroom" vs. one of the girls from Hugh Hefner's bedroom.

Well, last week's inaugural Monday Morning Cage Match was fun, wasn't it? Hey, shut up, I had fun. Well, maybe this week's will be a more competitive matchup -- one of my all-time favorite actors versus . . . uh, a pair of boobs I also like: Tom Wilkinson vs. Kendra Wilkinson (no relation, that I know of). Begin!

Tom Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson
OccupationStage and screen actorGlamour model
WINNER: Kendra
Big break"The Full Monty," 1997E! Entertainment Television's "The Girls Next Door," 2005-present
Nudity?Yes, rear onlyYes, full frontal
WINNER: Kendra
Awards wonBAFTA and SAG awards for "The Full Monty," SAG award for "Shakespeare in Love," Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy for "John Adams"Second place on MTV's "Celebrity Rap Superstar," 2007
Quote"You think you got the horses for that? Well, good luck and God bless, but I'll tell you one thing: The last place you want to see me is in court.""I don't really start planning my outfits until, like, a week ahead, because whatever I put on is gonna be hot -- you know, I could wear two Band-Aids and a cork."
WINNER: Kendra
Chest measurementUnknown34D
WINNER: Kendra
Upcoming projectBritish gangster film with Ray Winstone and Ian McShane"Girls Next Door" spinoff

FINAL SCORE: Kendra 4, Tom 3. Though Tom does get props for being a better actor.


JasonC said...

Tom was also the mob boss in Batman Begins which had a good quote also.

atlien said...

The spinoff, "Kendra" has already been on for a few weeks. I give their marriage two years, tops.