Friday, April 11

Weekend video bonanza!
(Limit 2 per customer)

You can think of this first video as a supplement to today's Salute To Pants.

This next video, courtesy of Mac G's World, I'm posting because it combines three of my favorite things in the whole wide world: Hayden Panettiere, comedy, and sexual harassment. Wait, that didn't come out right. I meant --

Uh, as I was saying, I meant being sexually harassed is one of my favorite things, not sexually harassing other . . . yes, well. Anyway. Enjoy your weekend.


JasonC said...

With Hayden it may be sexual harassment, but at least it's not slander, because those are all true statements.

Also, something now on TV that reminds me of MST3K is The Cheap Seats. Here is a funny bit they did about one of my favorite sports:

Anonymous said...

try on these pants for size...