Wednesday, April 2

Desert, anyone?

Looking for tickets to this fall's Georgia-Arizona State game out in Tempe? You can wander interminably through the desert like Moses did . . . or you can go ahead and knock that out right now. Paul Westerdawg has the semi-inside dope on how to do that.

Basically, it's like this: Call the Arizona State athletic department -- you have to do this over the phone, you can't do it online -- and order a $99 season ticket in the north end zone of Sun Devil Stadium. For that ninety-nine bucks, you get a Georgia-ASU ticket whose face value is $55 all by itself -- and you get tickets to six other ASU home games (Northern Arizona, Stanford, UNLV, Oregon, Washington, and UCLA).

Given how much the scalpers will likely be charging by the time September 20 rolls around, $99 would be a pretty fair deal even if the Georgia ticket is the only one you end up doing anything with. But with those six other tickets, you can either return them to the ASU athletic department, who will donate them to a local charity like the Boys Club and send you a charitable gift receipt you can whip out at tax time, or you can punt them on eBay, where you're likely to make up the entire $99 charge and then some. (Gotta have something to pay your way as you go roaming the bars of Tempe, of course.)

Westerdawg has the contact info and a seating chart of the stadium; over at Dodgy at Best, Kanu has some of that same information as well as the inside track on how to get out to Tempe and what to do once you're there. According to Kanu, public consumption of hard liquor is legal out there -- so between that and the Arizona State coeds, I'm debating whether I'll actually come home. But, uh, we'll see.

Regardless, let's pack the stadium with red and black and show the Pac-10 how it's done in the Dirty Dirty. Good luck!


Kanu said...


Punlic consumption of hard liquor is illegal:

AS is tailgaiting earlier than 3.5 hours before kickoff, apparently.

Anonymous said...

Man, I wish Auburn was playing at some crap PAC-10 school that's overflowing with cheap tickets and hot chicks. Instead, I have to go to Morgantown, where hopefully I can trade my car for some tickets and avoid being devoured by hill-folk.

Anonymous said...

Given the reps of these two schools, this game may rival Jax for the WLOCP moniker. Just ordered my tix today (Sec. 231, Row 11, represent!) and am trying to figure how to consume liquor that day.

Erik Tylczak said...

The Pac-10 says:

Fuck cocktails, we just get sloshed on beer.

But seriously, y'all are fucked. Go Devils, etc.

Anonymous said...

Beer is definately the way to go. I'll be there representing the UGA ladies.

Anonymous said...

For some reason I keep reading the title of this post as "dessert." Oh, I know why: she's the one standing on the right in the red dress. (I should be so lucky...)

As for the liquor versus beer issue, just remember that it's a dry desert heat and you have to guard against dehydration. It's really a public safety issue.