Thursday, April 17

Laugh about it, shout about it, when you've got to choose . . .

I didn't bother watching last night's Clinton-Obama debate on ABC, but pretty much every source I consider credible seems to think it was a nonstop disaster of triviality.

Did any of y'all watch it? What did you think? And did Gibson and Stephanopoulos really ask a question about fucking flag pins?


Anonymous said...

Adam and I watched it and had a hearty laugh at the whole exchange about the Weather Underground guy. It didn't keep my interest for much longer after that, though.

peacedog said...

Me and some friends are still working on the debate drinking game rules:

The drinking game was the only thing that made it worthwhile, even though the rules are a little unbalanced (that's Hillary's fault though).

Obama might have just hit Rock Bottom. That might be a good thing all things considered. He was awful last night. I've never seen him this bad. He usually starts slow and really builds up steam, but he never seemed to really get comfortable until the final phase, and by then he'd already done enough to score the debate a loss.

He was unfairly hammered about controversy in the first segment, perhaps. But he didn't seem prepared for all of it and his people must be scrambling right now because they dropped the ball IMO.

Hillary's performance was pretty bad. It's just that Obama's stumbles won (or lost, rather) the day.

miller draft genuine said...

If you want, you can watch the whole thing here:

X said...

Flag pins and other US paraphernalia really bother me, because I genuinely think it's a big issue down here in Texas (Dallas specifically, but it extends to the whole state). It's an especially larger issue if the party not wearing the flag is the Democratic Party.

All this free time and Fox News is doing wonders to Texas, though. Everyone is an expert on Obama's secret plan to convert the US to Islam and everyone knows about 25 more Hillary/Bill jokes each day. We have good sheep/parrots down here.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, a flag lapel pin signifies dedication to dismantling the Constitution and installing a unitary pretzeldency, which, of course, means a dictator annointed by having a Scottie rat-dog named Barney piss on your passed out head.

I despise the situation, but with Olbermann, HuffPost, David Sirota et al. doing their O'Reilley bullshit acts against her, Hillary's had it. Everybody wants to say there's little difference on policy, but Obama's policy staterments are Hilary's regurgitated, particularly on health care, energy policy and economic recovery. With the nebulous lack of detail that comes from floating in vomitous.

As far as trustworthiness: OK, Hillary was full of it about Bosnia. Does anybody believe Barack's story about his Granny making him cringe when she allegedly used racial epithets? That is a major league lie nobody's ever called him on, attributed to a seriously well-educated and enlightened woman that apparently loved her grandson, his own grandmother. Scurrilous, but he skates.

Sexism IS admissable while racism isn't. (And I'm voting for either against anybody, including that anti-vet OldTimer shithead with his head up W's ass.) What this really is is the revenge of the Deanie babies. They were pissed off at the DNC in '04, and they put Blackwell in position to rob Kerry. Now they are the DNC, they own Keith Olbermann, David Sirota and Ho-ffington (where's her hubby by the way), and they're slashing and burning and claiming to be the second coming of Jack Kennedy.Maybe about half, but these Obamaniacs act like he's Bobby, and that's simply offensive.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

I find it interesting that you decry the supposed sexism of people like Olbermann and Sirota while referring to Arianna Huffington as "Ho-ffington" and asking where her "hubby" is.