Wednesday, April 16

A memo from the desk of Arnold T. Pants, Esq.:
McLovin, Lincoln and Eazy-E.

OK, I know you enjoyed Hayden Panettiere's sexual-harassment spot from a few days ago, but this one might be even funnier.

Portrait of your modern-day Republican Party #4,472: At a Lincoln Day Dinner -- a Republican Party tradition named for the president who freed the slaves and ended the Civil War -- Rep. Geoff Davis refers to an African-American Senator, one of the leading candidates for president, as "boy." Honest Abe would be so proud!

"Sorry, I couldn't hear you, I was too busy SPINNING IN MY GRAVE."

As for the folks who let loose with that kind of stupidity on the World Wide Internets as opposed to Lincoln Day Dinners, Roy Edroso has a hilarious guide to right-wing bloggers and how they're likely to cover this year's presidential election. It may only be funny to political junkies like me who have spent way more time slogging through both the lefty and righty blogospheres than they ever intended, but you might as well internalize it now, because a few of these folks (Glenn Reynolds being only the most obvious) are no doubt going to start popping up on your TV screens in cable-news talkfests before too long.

As for me, I know my political blogging has been pretty sparse lately, which will come across as lazy to some of you while being a blessed relief to others. I don't know -- Tuesday morning at Starbucks, I ran into an acquaintance of mine with whom I'd worked fairly closely in 2004, and she asked me, "Staying active lately?" And I had to reply that I was active for a while, but at this point I was pretty much just sitting around waiting for the primary season to be over so that we can crown a f$#@ing nominee already. And I blame the mainstream media for my apathy; when you're parsing a candidate's beverage choices and going apeshit over "controversies" that nobody actually seems to care about, it's possible you may have run out of relevant comments to make. MSNBC, CNN, Fox, y'all just wake me when August rolls around.

The merger between Delta and Northwest Airlines has been set in motion, and while I think anything that makes Delta bigger and wider-reaching is probably a net positive for the South, I have to admit I'm going to be a little sorry to see this go:

Northwest is definitely the gangsterest airline of all time; you've got to be hard-core to paint a tribute to N.W.A. down the side of a fricking Airbus A330. Somewhere in the great beyond, Eazy-E is raising a forty of Old English to Northwest's memory.

Courtesy of's Campus Clicks, we have a list of the Top 10 Shirts to Get Arrested In. I liked the comment they gave for this one:

At any rate, smart-ass T-shirts are a subject near and dear to my heart; I have this one and this one in my dresser right now, to name just two. And in high school, I had a shirt that said "Thank You for not Projectile Vomiting" (somewhat obscured photo of the very same shirt here), and I wore it on the day of my driver's test, just to see what kind of reaction it'd get from the test-scoring guy or the state troopers down at the Department of Public Safety. For some reason, though, I didn't think that they would actually be taking my picture and popping out my license that day, so once I'd passed the on-the-road portion of the test, we went back to the DPS office and they stuck me in front of a camera. And for the next several years, the bottom of my driver's-license photo revealed a little stick-figure man spewing lime-green vomit inside the universal "no" symbol. My mom was absolutely mortified, and when I lost that card a few years later -- forcing me to go get a new one made -- I'm fairly certain she was responsible.


Anonymous said...

Kristen Bell > Hayden Panetierre

I am too old to wear tees, imo, but the Mack Daddy shirt is hilarious.

You. Owe. Your. Mom. Big. Time.

Anonymous said...

That guide to right-wing bloggers was illuminating. I'd only ever read Michelle Malkin's blog, which was so laden with negativity that I had to put my laptop through a wiccan cleansing ceremony performed by a Guatemalan mid-wife who was still damp from swimming across the Rio Grande.

(If I'd had a MacBook, it would have been pre-cleansed, or contained a bad ju-ju block, probably.)

I have to confess that the idea of a Northwest / Delta merger does nothing for me. I don't want to fly places via Detroit, Atlanta, Houston, or Salt Lake now, and even the bad-ass indoor monorail in Detroit won't change that.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna have to agree with DC Trojan. If I'm gonna mack on fly ass honeys in Las Vegas or Dayton, Ohio....I'm flying Airtran, ya heard?

Anonymous said...

The "controversies" no one cares about include the "boy" comment.

Anonymous said...

I have a huuuge crush on Kristen Bell. Too bad her character in Heroes is kinda lame. Veronica Mars was awesome.